Sales Training

Key to successSherrie’s story began in Service and Sales – two areas in which she’s not only excelled, but written the book- literally! Anyone who’s worked with her on the sales floor; shopped with her; or hired her to transform their team understands that Sherrie is truly a Sales Superstar. After honing her skills “on the field,” she’s turned her attention to helping others shine.

Sherrie and her team will work with you to develop customized Sales & Service programs to meet your exact needs. Your custom program may include:

Transforming your sales team to super-sellers

  • Developing goal-setting tools to achieve and surpass daily, weekly and monthly goals;
  • Customized sales training programs to increase overall selling performance of your sales team;
  • Developing a custom Sales Manual – specific to your business, customers and employees – that will then be yours to use, indefinitely;

Special Events & Services

  • Organizing and prepping your sales team for selling events;
  • Building and increasing brand awareness while generating new business opportunities;
  • Client development through Studio Services and specialized consignment programs;

Turning customers into Clients

  • Developing custom Clienteling programs specific to your brand, store(s), clients and staff;
  • Management of staff client books to generate, build and maintain repeat client base- increasing your return on investment.
  • Client development through Studio Services and specialized consignment programs;

Sherrie’s Sales Manual: Serving customers to generate sales

More than a decade’s worth of first-hand knowledge and experience – in all aspects of retail – has culminated in a sales manual that has become one of the most talked about, copied and (literally!) stolen “retail secrets” in Los Angeles and beyond. Sherrie’s success has become so well known – and her “secrets and strategies” in such high demand – that managers have been known to “borrow” her manuals, attempting to adapt them to their next retail endeavor.

Rather than waste time trying to imitate the inimitable, Sherrie b. will create a customized Sales Manual based on Sherrie’s “bible.” Your unique manual begins with the “basics,” which are then customized and crafted to fit the branding, background and goals of your business.

All Retail Training services, programs and manuals are custom created to best meet your needs and budget; inquire here for detailed pricing.